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Still Going Strong!
My SAC bag is still going strong after 15 years and still stands as the best after market purchase.  Absolutely love it, and thanks again for the great customer support.
- Jim, Mar 10, 2014 (Spokane, WA)
Grips Arrived Fast / Great - Braided Grips (5 Stars)
You will not find a more comfortable set of hand grips for your bike.  Reordered a set and they arrived within three days.  Highly recommend for service and quality. 
- Boyd, Feb 6, 2014 (Raleigh, NC)
Half SAC Never Leaves My Bike - Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
This bag should be included if not the first purchase you make for a Dyna (or Sporty, etc).  Holds more than expensive small saddlebags that wreck the look of the bike.  Easy on and off and holds everything you need for commuting or weekend trips.  Best $100 I've ever spent and a must. 
- Scott, Jan 25, 2014 (Cambridge, MA)   
Best Grips - Black Braided (5 Stars)
I've had SAC Grips for the past twenty years on various bikes.  Highly recommend to friends.  Great looking and best ever for comfort and made in this country.
- Sean M., Jan 18, 2014 (Cleveland, OH) 
Lots of Capacity - SAC Touring Bag (5 Stars)
There's a lot of luggage on the market today versus twenty years ago when it was just SAC and Tbag.  I had an original Half SAC from the 1990's that I recently upgraded to a Deluxe Touring SAC.  Impressive.  The bag holds a ton and keeps it shape perfectly.  I've seen elastic mounting attachments and they look scary going down the road all packed up.  The design and durability of SAC are the best and Made In USA service puts this company over the top.  Harley or no Harley, SAC bags remain the best. 
- Mark, Jan 12, 2014 (West Palm, FL)     
No Grips Compare - Black Braided Grips (5 Stars)
SAC grips continue to be the first purchase that I make for my new motorcycle.  ISO grips look dreadful and turn my hands to hamburger.  Nothing beats the full grip feel and superior comfort of SAC grips.  Made in USA unlike everyone else.
- John, Jan 8, 2014 (Meredith, NH)
The Best Luggage For A Deuce - Deuce Rac SAC (5 Stars)
I'm so glad you guys still make the Deuce Rac SAC here in Buffalo.  I bought one when they first came out with the Harley by SAC label.  I sold that Deuce and just bought a buddy of mine along with my new Deuce Rac SAC.  This bag is still the only bag on the market that fits the Deuce rack properly and looks clean. 
- Fran, Dec 28, 2013 (Buffalo, NY)
Handy Accessory - Deluxe Leg SAC (5 Stars)
Perfect riding companion for all the things I need to carry with me.  After fifteen years, I wore out my first Leg SAC that I purchased in Daytona.  Thanks for still making it as it has come in handy many times over the years.
- Trevor J., Dec 23, 2013 (Orlando, FL)
SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe
We are very pleased with our purchase, plan to buy more and get the word out to all of our riding friends. 
- Janie N., Dec 16, 2013 (North Carolina)
Like It - SAC Grips (5 Stars)
The comfort of SAC Grips is the best on the market.  Custom color braided grips look great on my bike.  An additional slipped by during the communication process which is underastandable considering my request and time of year.  Well worth it for a top quality "Made In USA" product. 
- David B., Dec 12, 2013 (Atlanta, GA)
Great Luggage - SAC Deluxe Touring Bag (5 Stars)
Excellent fit on multiple backrests.  Good tension, secure and safe hauling my gear.  Sturdy construction is best I've seen.  Shipped from US manufacture made the choice easy.
- Grant, Dec 8, 2013 (Cincinnati, OH)  
Grips - (5 Stars)
Got my first set of SAC Grip and love them.  I was worried about larger thickness but they are awesome and no more pain.  Thanks! 
- Gretchen, Dec 4, 2013 (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 
Worth The Money - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
These bags held up great on a recent 3,000 miles ride.  Easy on-off, no sagging and tons of room.  I paid $199.95 as advertised which beats anything I saw at my dealership.  The Harley set ran $299.95 and was nowhere the size or construction of these SAC.  Very satisfied with purchase and recommend to bikers who ride. 
- Ray, Dec 2, 2013 (Dallas, TX) 
Totally Excellent Leather Bag - Deluxe Deuce Leather Rac SAC (5 Stars)
This superb all leather bag is designed to fit a very wide range of sissy bars and pads. Its very well made and generously proportioned as at least an overnight bag. It has an integral rain cover so there's no need for extra inner liners which take up valuable storage space. As the headline says - a totally excellent product.
- Clive K., Nov 26, 2013 (UNITED KINGDOM)
Secret SAC Service (5 Stars)
This company has the best service I've ever come across (they just don't brag about it).  I've had my SAC bags for over fifteen years.  The Cool SAC has been back for a zipper replacement twice and I had both bags refitted when I changed bikes.  FREE OF CHARGE.  When's the last time you took your motorcycle in for free service? SAC is the best and I agree with other customer posts that it sucks that Harley dropped them and went overseas like everyone else.  At least there's one "Made In USA" item that will stay on my bike. 
Greg, San Antonio, TX (Nov 12, 2013)  
Half SAC (5 Stars)
Best overnight bag for the money hands down.  $109.95??!!  The much smaller Harley model would have run me two bills.  So glad I found SAC on-line as SAC had no visiblity at my local Harley dealer (go figure).
Happy to spread the word and support the best motorcycle luggage company right here. 
Todd S., Philly (Nov 4, 2013)
Excellent Grips & Service - Custom Carved Ribbon Grips (5 Stars)
Where else can you order two different custom carved grips specifying background?  Having come back from my third tour in Afghanistan, I was due for some riding.  Ordered my custom order and arrived the following week.  The included letter from the owner (who I spoke to) thanking me for my service... that about says it all.
Chris S., Texas (Oct 25, 2013) 
SAC Grips Absorb Vibration - Black Braided (5 Stars)
I had the shop install the 2-color Braided Grip (black/black) because the instructions provided were internally inconsistent...  I was surprised by how much thicker the new grips are, but they are so much more comfortable and better at absorbing vibration than stock that I am completely satisfied with the product. I am disappointed that such an apparently simple installation procedure could not be accuarately explained by SAC however, the grips are well worth the money.
Anonymous, (Oct 12, 2013)
Plain Black Leather Grips (5 Stars)
Great grips, excellent quality and comfort. I like the girth of these grips.
Mickey D., (Oct 6, 2013)
Best Rain Cover (5 Stars)
By far the easiest rain cover I ever used. just did a 2800 mile road trip and got caught in a deluge of rain in Ohio! The rain cover went on quickly and kept everything dry as a bone!  And the fact that it stores so easily on the bag makes it even more convenient. Well worth the price paid. I highly recommend it.
- Tom, Sept 28, 2013
Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
So far so good. Seems to be perfect for a weekend or over night trip. Better construction than others at equal or more cost.
- Anonymous, Sept 24, 2013
Love It - Leg SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Just got back using your product. Love the way puts things at your finger tips not havering tha pressure of studs in your pocket. Well worth the price.
- Anonymous, Sept 16, 2013
SAC Bags Holds Up - SAC
I've owned my SAC bag for thirteen years... purchased at Myrtle Beach.  Let me tell you that it's the best bag I've ever owned and still works great on what is now my third bike.  SAC changed backrests for me several years ago for free when I switched to wide touring pad.  These guys are great and Harley was crazy to drop them.  Still the best bags on the market and will always support SAC. 
- Brad T., Sept 14, 2013 (New Jersey)
Thank You From Sweden! - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
We used SAC & Cool SAC all season and very pleased with waterproofing and capacity.  Very well designed and best price in comparison to Harley brand which holds less and not same attachment as SAC.  Recommend to European bikers. 
- Markus, Sept 3, 2013 (SWEDEN)
Best & Efficient - Half SAC Deluxe & Braided Grips (5 Stars)
The best luggage for the money on the market and excellent service to Canada for an American based company.  Grips are a relief to my hands and braid pattern looks great.  Best price, high level of workmanship and service all made me a believer. 
- Roger, Aug 27, 2013 (Montreal, PQ)  
Quick & Comfortable - Braided Grips (5 Stars)
I've seen SAC Grips on bikes for years.  Ordered my first set and they arrived a couple days later.  Fly wire switch out was simple and the grips look great.  Best part is the comfort tho.  Highly recommend.
- Bart, Aug 14, 2013 (Leesburg, FL)
Still Going Strong - SAC
We've owned our SAC for twelve years and recently purchased a SAC & Cool Sac for our son.  Hands down the best bags on the market and you guys give the best service in the business.  Think the people making Harley's bags in China will offer free alterations after seven years or ever?  The fact that the SAC & Cool SAC is $100 less than the HD combo is the kicker.  When it comes to bags and grips, SAC gets my vote.
- Ray B., Aug 6, 2013 (Austin, TX)
Best Grips - Black Braided (5 Stars)
Rightfully called most comfortable grip.  I'm on my third pair and couldn't be more satisfied.  SAC Grips have kept me riding for the past seven years since having surgery.  Made in USA all the way! 
- Doug, Aug 4, 2013 (Salt Lake, UT)
The luggage holds shape perfectly and performs well in rain.  Easy attachment.  Paypal transaction and excellent service shipping to Switzerland (one week).  Adding international shipping ($90), SAC is still by far the best value  and designed luggage for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. 
- Max, Aug 1, 2013 (SWITZERLAND)
Black Braided Grips (5 Stars)
Very comfortable just coming off of a 2,000 mile trip with friends.  I could have sold a few pair of these grips as several folks were asking about them and feeling hand cramping.  Should be getting some calls soon.  Made In USA is the best and wish your company all the best.  
- Doc, July 27, 2013 (Omaha, NE) 
Deuce Leather Rac SAC (5 Stars)
I was beginning to give up hope on finding a suitable piece of luggage for my Deuce.  Not at all happy with the cluttered look and cost of saddlebags.  I spotted the perfect sized bag in a restaurant parking lot heading up to Laconia.  After asking a couple tables, a fellow mentioned that it was his Deuce and went on raving not only about his bag but SAC's service.  When I got home, I jumped on-line and found the SAC website.  I called and spoke to one of the owners who explained that he and his father first designed the Deuce Rac SAC for Harley-Davidson when Harley first introduced the Deuce.  I ordered the leather model which I found to be very well priced for a high-end leather good made in the US.  It arrived the following week and hasn't left my bike since!  The best travel accessory for the Deuce and absolutely the best money I've spent on this bike.  Highly recommend SAC and their outstanding products and service. 
- John D., July 24, 2013 (Boston, MA)
Excellent - Leather Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
VERY pleased with my new Leather Half SAC Deluxe.  Let's face it, finding quality "Made in US" leather luggage is very hard these days and impossible in Harley shops where everything is made off shore.  My Half SAC is well designed for my Road King and the price is outstanding.  I would have been fine paying $300-$400 for this quality & size bag.  SAC puts value first for their customers first. Job well done!
- Ken W., July 19, 2013 (Lexington, KY)
Wow! Great Luggage - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package (5 Stars)
This system will allow the wife and me to travel for a week! Very spacious and the tail bag sleeve fits perfectly on the sissy bar of my Road King! 
- Mark L., July 15, 2013 (St, Cloud, FL) 
Great Product.  Way More Space Than I Expected - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package (4.5 Stars)         
I ordered this product to do a 600 mile trip (each way) to haul my gear down for a week of touring the Smokey Mountains and it did a great job.  I had so much room I didn't even bring the small bag with me, but if riding 2 up I could see the need to give her the big sack and use the small one for myself - with a luggage rack next time!   Thanks for a great product - made in the USA.                                                                        - Greg N., July 16, 2013
Customer support equals the quality of your products, which is superb.   
- Joy M., July 15, 2013
Love My Grips - Black Braided (5 Stars)
Finally got my first after hearing good things from friends and forums.  Everything is true about comfort and once you've switched over there's no going back to stock.  Love the cushioned feel.  Braids look great.  More people should support your Made In USA excellent product. 
- Duke J., July 8, 2013 (Dallas, TX)
Excellent - SAC & Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Having already owned a Cool SAC bag for years, I ordered the new SAC Deluxe and Half SAC Deluxe for a cross country trip with some friends.  The system worked excellent placing the SAC on the luggage rack and stacking the Cool SAC on top of my Half SAC resting on my passenger seat.  Everything was kept dry and I had a comfortable backreast.  If you're looking for performance (waterproof) and utility (max storage, easy install) then go with SAC. 
-Ken, July 5, 2013 (Clearwater, FL) 
Great Customer Service - SAC & Cool SAC Package Deluxe (5 Stars)
I ordered the deluxe package with the two bags online on a Sunday evening and had them on my doorstep on Wednesday.  Mounted easily to my bike for a 2100 mile 6 day trip.  Luckily I only needed the rain cover one day and it worked well. Great products and great service!      
- Pete, July 1, 2013
Best V-Rod Bag Ever - V-ROD Rac SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Very impressed.  I am going to order another one for my Softail.
- Curtis J., July 1, 2013 (Houston, TX)
Love Them! - SAC Grips (5 Stars)
These are the most comfortable grips I've ever had.  Look amd feel are great... very good quality.  Thumbs up!
- Brian, June 30, 2013 (Pryor, OK)
Speedy & Great Value - Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Highly recommend.  Received confirmation of shipment within twenty minutes of placing order!  My Half SAC Deluxe arrived form Buffalo to Wisconsin in 3 days.  This bag works great for my needs and keeps its shape.  Money well spent backed by SAC's unbeatable warranty and excellent service.  
- Jerry, June 26, 2013 (Green Bay, WI)
Terrific! - Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
I love my new Half SAC Deluxe and can honestly say it's the best $100 I've spent on my Sportster.  It's all I need to take weekend trips and everyday.  Thanks for saving me big bucks avoiding saddlebags.  
- Dena, June 23, 2013 (Oakland, CA) 
Star & Stripes (5 Stars)
These grips worked out great on my heritage.  Comfortable.  Made In USA unlike any HD grips.  Great purchase. 
- Jon K., June 18, 2013 (Hartford, CT) 
Thank You! - SAC & Cool SAC Package (5 Stars) 
I was looking for a touring bag and went to a local H-D dealer and all they had were the smaller and expensive Harley bags with the spandex attachment.  Fortunately, a guy in the shop gave me your info and recommendation.  I called and spoke to one of the owners who couldn't have been more helpful.  Received my luggage in four days and it's great.  Bigger, better attachment and overall less fancy and better made with a lifetime warranty (Harley's only has a two year).  Highly recommend supporting this company.
- Doug, June 14, 2013 (St. Louis, MO)     
Easy Transaction / Thumbs Up - Plain Black Leather Grips (5 Stars)
Highly recommend.  Grips arrived within three days.  Very comfortable as advertised.  Made in USA icing on the cake.  Highly recommend.
- Bud, June 11, 2013 (Atlanta, GA)
Beautiful Grips - Eagle Ying Yang (5 Stars)
Impressed with my second set of SAC Grips.  Went with custom carved this time around and love the feel.  Look great on my dresser.  
- Trey S., June 10, 2013 (Columbus, OH) 
Amercian Tradition
I've been meaning to wirte your service department a note to thank them for fixing the zipper and changing the pocket on my ten year old Cool Sac and including it in with the new Deluxe Half Sac that I recently ordered.  This kind of service is almost extinct in this day and age.  Great to see SAC keeping on an American tradition of making great products here in the USA.  Your bags are the best and service is tops.  
- Greg H., June 6, 2013 (Rome, NY)   
Top Service - Ultra Touring Bag (5 Stars)
Highly recommend SAC and their service to Australia.  We were looking to get the same Ultra waterproof Harley by SAC bag that we've enjoyed for over ten years.  The bag arrived in about a week and we were very pleased with communication for calculating freight and Paypal.  Excellent service to match the best motorcycle luggage we've come across.  
- Kris C., June 3, 2013 (Brisbane, AUSTRALIA)  
SAC & COOL PKG (5 Stars)
We just received our new SAC & Cool SAC!  Love the updates and the multi pocket works well on both my husband and my bike.  We look forward to years of enjoyment and we are proud to be customers.
- Gracie B., May 29, 2013 (Mesa, AZ)
SAC Braided Grips (5 Stars)
Recently installed my new SAC grips on my Honda Shadow Spirit and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality and comfort.  Highly recommend.
- Greg, May 25, 2013 (Burlington, NC)
Great Bags - SAC Deluxe, Half SAC Deluxe, Cool SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Coming off a 5,000 mile tour and wanted to thank you for the excellent performance of your SAC luggage.  I ran the SAC on the luggage rack and stacked the Cool SAC on the Half SAC.  With some additional straight bungees attached to your D-Rings, I had a real compact, spacious and stable set up that performed beyond my expectations.  Great design and workmanship.  Highly recommend.  
- Kent, May 22, 2013 (Ft Worth/Dallas, TX)   
Really Impressed - SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Ordered a SAC Deluxe for my husband and I can't tell you how pleased he is with his choice.  Your staff was very helpful answering the questions I had to ensure we got the right item.  Thank you SAC for a great shopping experience.
- Denise, May 18, 2013 (Montgomery, AL) 
The Best Shipping - Braided Grips (5 Stars)
I ordered my second set of SAC grips (previously had them on my Road King). I figured it's a busy time of year and that I'd get them in a week in or two.  Within three minutes after I placed my order on-line I got an e-mail that they shipped!!  I received them two days later in the mail.  That's fantastic service.  Love my grips and keep up the great Made in USA work.
- George B., May 15, 2013 (North Carolina) 
Very Nice Grips - Black Braided (5 Stars)
These grips were easy to install.  Directions were straightforward.  They look great on the bike and they relieved hand and finger stress because they are fat.  Made for a much more comfortable ride and they look great. 
- Nick, May 13, 2013    
Best Grips - Rattlesnake Grips (5 Stars)
These are by the best grips made,  They are comfortable easy to install look awesome made in America all this is true they make my bike and everyone asks about them I highly recommend these grips.
- Mark M., May 10, 2013    
Great - SAC Black Braided Grips (5 Stars)
Great fit and finish. Had Sac grips before and loved them so much, had to buy them again. Great product.  Fast and accurate shipping.   Way to go guys.      
- Annette R., May 9, 2013
Goodbye To All Other Grips! (5 Stars)
Very easy to install with the comfort of the supple leather and convex shape that forms to the hand like no other I've tried. Be on the side of caution on the throttle side, I installed a bit to close to the controls and in the hot sun they catch and rub. My Error! By far the best grip I have ever used.
- Kelly M., May 9, 2013 
SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package (5 Stars)
I just picked up my new SAC & Cool SAC and it's awesome. Fits and looks great. I now know why Harley instructs their dealers to put your bags on a separate aftermarket wall in their stores because there's no comparison. Construction, design , size, warranty, price ($199.95 versus $299.95) SAC is the best AND it feels good to support a family operated US manufacturing company. I'll be ordering a new set of your braided grips soon. Keep up the great work!
- Dennis, May 8, 2013 (NY)
Great Service
I am writing to let you know what a great job the repair department did on the repairs to the two SAC bags I sent back for repair. I had to do a double take to see if they were the bags I sent in for repair or two new bags. The quality of the craftsmanship of the repairs surpassed my expectations. It is a pleasure dealing with a American company who makes a quality product and stands behind it. I would put your company in the same class as Zippo Lighters, an American company making a quality product that they stand behind and a person is proud to own. I was also impressed with the turn around time for the repairs. I will continue to recommend SAC bags to anyone looking for a motorcycle bag. Thank you for the quality products you make and the great service. Proud to buy American made products.
- Fred F., May 7, 2013
Love My Grips - Red Buffalo (5 Stars)
After reading all of the positive reveiws about your grips I decided to order my first set. Absolutely exceeded my expectations both in comfort and craftmanship. They look great on my Tour Glide and I'd be lying if I didn't say that it's great to put something "Made in USA" on my bike that doesn't look like every other foreign knock-off. I highly recommend your company.
- Brian T., May 3, 2013 (Ocala, FL)
Switzerland Customer - SAC & Cool SAC Package
Received our bags yesterday. It fits perfect on our bikes. Now we are ready for our trip to Harley-Davidson Super Rally in Wroclaw Poland later in May. The second set is for a friend and he is very happy. Have a great day. 
- Mary, May 1, 2013 (Switzerland)
Here in USA
Just got back from a 400 mile trip and my new SAC grips were better than expected.  I love the cushion of them and I also love the fact that they are bigger in circumference than most any other grip I've seen.  I also love the fact somebody still makes Stars and Bars stuff here in the USA.  Just like the luggage.  SAC grips are awesome.  Get you some, you won't be disappointed.                                                                                                                           - Anonoymous, April 28, 2013                                                                                                                               
Best Luggage - SAC & Cool SAC Package (5 Stars)
Highly recommend SAC.  Excellent service and easy international transaction by sending PayPal request.  SAC is perfectly suited for European riders who need maximum storage, rain protection and durability.  The SAC multi-pocket attachment is the best design I've seen for security and versatiliy.
- Gunther B., April 24, 2013 (Pforzheim, Germany)    
Great Grips.  Easy Install. - Eagle Ying Yang Black Background (5 Stars)
Great Grips!  Easy Install. Thanks for quick shipping and excellent quality.    
- Gary. K., April 18, 2013 
Excellent Luggage & PayPal - SAC & Cool SAC Package Deluxe (5 Stars)
I wish to thank you for your excellent service regarding handling my order to France.  Paypal worked nicely and it will be of great assistance to expanding your on-line business in Europe and around the world.  I bought my first SAC bag in Biarritz back in 1997 and it's performed excellent.  Thank you.  
- Gerard P., April 18, 2013 (Lille, France)
SAC & Cool SAC Package Deluxe
I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Cool SAC Package Deluxe.  Thank you for your great customer service now that I have 3 of your new style Sac's.  I hope you and your staff are keeping very happily busy.
- Jay M., April 14, 2013
SAC Grips - Carved Texas Flag (5 Stars)
Once you've switched to SAC grips, let me tell ya' you won't ever buy another set.  Comfort, feel, looks and excellent leather craftmanship made right here in the USA.  Nothing else compares.  SAC Grips are the best.
- Ryan B., April 4, 2013 (San Antonio, TX)     
8 Years and 50,000 miles later, Still Looks Great - Talon Kickstand (4 Stars)
I've rode 8 years and 50,000+ miles with this kickstand and it still looks as good as it did on the day I bought it!
I can only give it 4 stars tho, as it's a little tall on my 2003 Low Rider (FXDL) and if you don't make sure that your "rubber kickstand stopper" on your fraame is correctly aligned with it, it can/will dig a hole in the bottom of your oil pan.
- Darryl N., April 2, 2013   
Deluxe SAC & Cool SAC Package (5 Stars)
I received my luggage in 3 days.  Impressed with expedience and looks.  I have not used the luggage yet but it looks great and will be more than sufficient, I'm sure.  We also sent back a Deluxe bag for repairs, taking advantage of the lifetime warranty.  Can't beat that!  
- HDBabe, April 1, 2013   
Fourth Set I've Purchased! - Custom 2 Color Braided Grips (5 Stars)
I love the feel and durability of these grips. I've bought a set for each of my Harleys and have also purchased them as gifts for fellow riders.
- Gegetta, March 26, 2013 (South Carolina)
The Best - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package (5 Stars)
Could not be more pleased with the design, performance and value of my new SAC & Cool Sac Package Deluxe.  
SAC fixed my broken zipper and changed my sissy bar pocket on a Half SAC that I purchased back in 2002.  Still works great and proof that your products and warranty are the best in the business.  
- Randy, March 20, 2013 (Montgomery, AL)    
Excellent Canadian Service - SAC & Cool SAC (5 Stars)
We had seen SAC set up at Sturgis a couple years back and kept them in mind for a future luggage purchase.  We ordered a Deluxe kit this month and were pleasantly surpirsed to receive it so quickly in Alberta conveniently shipped from Ontario.  Aside from the exceptional quality and huge carrying capacity, we were really impressed by $199,95 USD price which is almost half the cost of the smaller HD luggage offered at our dealership!  There is no doubt that SAC is the best luggage, best value and best service out there.  Highly recommend SAC to fellow Canadian riders.
- John, March 16, 2013 (Calgary, AB)         
Best Bag On The Market - Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Best of everything with product plus the warranty you can't go wrong. This is the firth SAC bag I've owned and they just keep getting better.   
- Snaps, March 15, 2013   
Hello From Daytona! - Rac SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
My wife and I love our new Rac SAC.  Arrived to Daytona packing more stuff than ever before and everything bone dry.  My buddy is kicking himself for not buying the Rac SAC.  He paid $90 more for a smaller "premium" bag that's a pain in the butt finger jam to buckle down on his rack.  The Rac SAC velcro design is by far the easiest.  Thanks guys for designing a terrific piece of luggage for my king tour pak.
- Gary Di., March 11, 2013 (West Virginia)  
Just Looking For A Rain Cover? - SAC Liner Kit (5 Stars)
Package included 4 covers and a travel pouch. They will all be used this summer. Thanks.
- Jim, March 11, 2013     
Holy !!!! - Cool SAC Package Deluxe (5 Stars) 
Just recieved my Cool Sac Package Deluxe.  Well Worth The Money! As good if not better than any other luggage out there.  And less money then the competition.  And I've checked them all out.  And the best part Made In The USA... I look forward to stuffing both bags this summer as I head for the Blue Ridge Parkway...  Thanks for a great product...
- Ed, S. March 8, 2013 (Rhode Island) 
SAC Warranty - Zipper / Strap Replacement
I just want you to know who much I appreciate you incredible warranty and customer service. I just received my bags back from your repair shop and they are definitely 'like new'... and NO COST TO ME! You can be certain that I will continue to recommend your products to all of my biker friends. Thank you for your incredible products, service and warantee! It is like no other!
- Roger, March 7, 2013 (ON)
Quick Service / Excellent Luggage - SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package (5 Stars)
Super quick service much appreciated.  Ordered my new luggage from SAC in Buffalo and it arrived in Charlotte in 3 days (which means they shipped it the same day).  Heading to Daytona this weekend with more than enough room to pack for two weeks.  Great looking bags and really well built.  Hands down better workmanship, design and price than what my dealership had on the floor.  Highly recommend SAC.    
- Terry, March 5, 2013 (North Carolina)  
Awesome Grips - Eagle War Club Black Background (5 Stars)
I knew that the grips I ordered was going to be awesome. The grips I order were the American War Eagle and they fit my handlebars just great... Its goes with the bike layout of having all black leather. Thank you Cool SAC for having such great products.      
- Al F., March 4, 2013 (Lawton , OK)
Luxury Rich Red / Black Lever Covers (5 Stars)
Good product!  Pretty easy to install. Had to make a couple of passes to tighten the laces but that was expected.  Look great on my sweet Heritage Springer with the color matching! 
- Gordon M., March 1, 2013
Terrific Leather Grips - Plain Black Leather (5 Stars)
I wanted a hearty beefy leather grip and found them here.  Great workmanship, easy to install, & feel great in my hands.  Great job guys, love these.  I have large hands and these are made for me.
- Buck, March 1, 2013
White Leather Grips - 5 Stars
Thanks for completing my bike with your grips.  My hands can't thank you enough either.  No more numbing. 
More woman riders need to know about these.
- Theresa, February 21, 2013 (GA)
Half SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
Been using my new Half SAC for the past month on my Dyna and got to say it's the best piece of luggage I've ever owned.  No need for saddlebags, the Half SAC does it all, keeps stuff dry and comes off the bike quick.  For $109.95 it is the best every day bag on the market and your lifetime warranty says the rest.  
- John D., February 17, 2013 (Orlando, FL) 
Outstanding Product - Black Braided Grips (5 Stars)
I've owned 4 x Harleys over the years...and I ALWAYS purchase these Grips. They're Sharp Looking, Comfortable and Promote a Secure Grip down here in Tampa Bay! These will ALWAYS be my 1st Choice! Try'em Out.. You'll Have No Regrets!     
- Gunny (USMC Retired), February 12, 2013
Best Grips
Love my new red flame grips.  Went on easy, looks great and super comfortable.
- Joyce, February 7, 2013 (Dallas, TX)    
Great Investment
My testimony of your product is if you spend money on any other product, open your wallet to the wind.  Bought this Cool SAC in 1994 at Sturgis and has seen 80,000 miles.  Great investment.
- Jonathan S, February 1, 2013 (MO)
Custom Color Grips - 5 Stars
Very nice hand braided hand grips.  Quality workmanship. Nice and soft to the touch hopefully it will make a difference in comfort while riding. Instruction on installation a bit vague, but will figure it out once I attempt to put them on.
- Attila, January 26, 2013 (Ontario)
Nice Thick Grips - 4 Stars
I love the feel of the large grips because I have large hands. I have been looking for some quality leather grips and have found them. Installed easy after reading the directions. I rubber mallet and they went on with no problem.
- B. CUK, January 24, 2013
Excellent Luggage & Service - 5 Stars
I was in the market for a travel bag to take to Daytona.  I previously owned a SAC bag in the 1990's and it worked great for over ten years until I sold my Heritage with the Sac.  The new Deluxe SAC model is awesome and much better built than the overpriced Wal-Mart looking bags I saw at my dealership.  My SAC & Cool SAC combo showed up in a couple days and I'm set.  Great company and the best luggage, price & service in the industry.
- Jack B., January 20, 2013 (VA)     
Cobalt Blue Flame - 5 stars
These grips look great on my Flhtc. I got the cobalt blue flames. Very comfortable and quality looks good. I got them installed with no problems.
- David, January 14, 2013
RAC SAC - 5 Stars
Love my new Tour-Pak Rac Bag.  The attachment system is the best and avoids difficult straps & buckles that I saw on the other bags.  Price / value are outstanding ($109.95) and warranty can't be beat.  Great luggage and looking forward to using. 
- Fred T., January 10, 2013 (Nashville, TN)
Comfortable & Classic Look - 5 Stars
I was looking for something to replace metal and rubber grips. The rubber was getting soft and gooey and was turning my hands black and the metal would get so hot in the summer they were hard to hold. I found these leather grips and they are the most comfortable grips I have ever used. Nice diameter, soft but firm foam underneath and the leather doesn't break down from being in the sun or get too hot to hold. They have a classic simple look. I have bought a set for the last two bikes I've had and will use nothing else.
- Edward, January 4, 2013
Love My New Grips (Medium Brown Ostrich) - 5 Stars
Grips fit the  hands better than stock.  Get rid of the tingling during rides.  Installation is easy just be careful with the glue.
- Anonymous, January 1, 2013
Best Luggage On The Market
I was disappointed to hear about Harley dropping your company after fourteen years.  I bought my first Harley by SAC bag in 2003 and put many miles...  excellent bag.  I was excited to learn that you guys are still making luggage in Buffalo and I just got my SAC Deluxe.   It is without question the best bag on the market, with the best warranty and the price is super.  It is $90 less than the much smaller Harley bag.  Anyone who rides need only to feel the construction and see the attachment & storage capacity (love the side pockets).  Keep up the great work in Buffalo and good look rebuilding your superior brand.
- Tom J., December 29, 2012 (Naples, FL) 
Quality That Is Backed Up (SAC & Cool SAC) - 5 Stars
I've had my Cool Sac for 4 years now. It is holding up great.  An absolute quality product that is built to last.
- Mr. Schutzhund, December 24, 2012
Red Flame Gips - 5 Stars 
I had a pair of silver flame SAC grips that lasted 5 years and 35,000 miles, so for Christmas I asked for the red flamed ones. I look forward to useing these for a long time. They are well made and have to be the best grips I have ever felt.
- Brad K. December 24, 2012 
Thanks!  Great Grips! - 5 Stars
I received my braided grips yesterday and couldn't be more pleased.  Super comfortable and great look.  As discussed over the phone, the extra diameter looks to be about 1/8" which is no problem.  Love to cushion feel and I can already tell why your customers rave about the comfort.  I'll be ordering a pait for my wife soon.  Keep up the great work up there in Buffalo.
- John R. December 14, 2012 (Sarasota, FL) 
Professional Ordering & Top Rate Service
I would like to commend your company for your professional service.  I had submitted an e-mail with some questions I had about your new Deluxe SAC Luggage.  Because I travel with my job, I asked for someone to call me back.  I was contacted the following day by one of the owners who answered every question I had.  We also talked about Buffalo which is where my father grew up....  hard to find personal service like this anywhere these days.  Two months later I ordered my SAC/Cool SAC Package and couldn't be more happy.  I will be supporting SAC and letting people know about my experience. 
- John D, December 9, 2012 (Kansas City, MO)
Awesome Bag (5 Stars)
I couldn't be happier with my Deluxe SAC.  It is the best travel bag that I have owned.   Proud to support you guys and I'm sure Harely's decision to throw you guys under the double-decker China bus will bite them in the ass in the long run.  Keep up the great job.
- Eric G, December 6, 2012 (Brooklyn, NY)
Keep Up The Good Work
I received my new braided grips on Friday. I couldn't be more happy with how they came out. I just wanted to thank Bill. He sent me a picture before shipping and the color was too dark, he did not hesitate to say let me do them over, had them done that day, and they look great. I will be telling everyone about your company and the great customer service. Keep up the good work.
- Dennis M., December 3, 2012 (Bridgewater, MA)
So Glad I Went With SAC
I am ecstatic to say that I just received my bags from your company. They are beyond amazing.  I feel like I could run them over 100 times with a car and they wouldn't show a scratch.  They are amazing. I ordered the deluxe bags. I uncovered the bike and put the sissy bar on and tryed them out.  Not only do the look great but they have tons of space. I am blown away at the construction and just shear look of them.
- Tim J., November 30, 2012
Dream Catcher Grips (4 Stars)
Great product! this is second set, the last set were great don't know how long they lasted were on bike 2 years or so. Sold bike.  First time with cruse control, looks to be very well thought out, have not installed on bike as yet looking forward to ride on long trips.  Might be too large for small handed riders.
- Steve W, November 26, 2012
Love My Grips
On my third pair of SAC grips from your company and I'll never put another pair of grips on my bikes.  One by one my friends are coming around after getting tired of their hands cramping and turning into hamburger by those metal pieces of ****.  Nice meeting your team at Street Vibrations and keep making a great product in the USA.
- Kurt B., November 16, 2012 (Henderson, NV)
Best Warranty!
I recently sent my 13 years old SAC back for a pocket restitch.  Came back ready to go.  Hard to find service and companies who stand behind their product in this day and age.  SAC is proof that outstanding service is still out there and the customer matters. 
- Dan C., November 7, 2012 (Knoxville, TN)
Speedy Delivery - 5 Stars
Received my Black Leather Grips really fast.  Thank you!  As advertised, SAC Grips are the most comfortable grips on the market.  My hands thank you! 
- Roger, November 4, 2012 (Worcester, MA)
80,000 Miles And Still In Excellent Shape! (5 Stars)
If you don't own one you are a FOOL.  4 trips across the US, dozens and dozens of weekend and week trips!!!  The only luggage I will ever use!
- Scott, October 31, 2012
Best Service In The Business
I have had my SAC altered on two occasions and recently purchased a Deluxe SAC with your multi-pocket.  It's awesome and I've used it on two trips.  I wrote a letter to Harley expressing my disappointment with their decision to drop SAC as their luggage manufacture after fourteen years.  They need to take a lesson from SAC on how to treat their customers.  
- Dan, October 20, 2012 (NY)
Outstanding Quality, Fits Like A Glove - Deuce RAC SAC (5 Stars)
This is the only bag I've found that will fit my Harley Deuce perfectly with the short sissy bar and pad. I am well pleased with the durability, quality, and size.
- Matt, October 13, 2012
Best Piece of Luggage I've Owned - SAC Deluxe
After a full year of use, including a cross country trip this past June, the Deluxe SAC has held up great.  The attachement, the way the bag sits on my luggage rack, the rain cover, side pockets... really well made.  Happy to pass along my opinion to bikers at campgrounds and online forums.  SAC has the best luggage on the market.
- Eric S., October 2, 2012 (Columbus, OH)
Well Made (5 Stars)
I put your Eagle Ying Yang grips on my Harley just over a year ago and myself and every one that see's them really like them and they are holding up well.
- JC, Sept 29, 2012
Great Service
Thank you for repairing the zipper on my 14 year old Half SAC.  It has become a indispensable part of my motorcycle.  The free repair and quick turn-around sure says a lot about your company.  I will be ordering a Deluxe Touring SAC for the holidays.  Thank you.
- Bob, Sept 24, 2012 (Ontario, CA) 
You've Got My Vote
The sad truth of the matter is that you'd be hard pressed to find anything in your local Harley dealership that isn't Made in China and that it's become increasingly more difficult for little guys to thrive in the marketplace.  Especially in a sport that lives and breathes American, it's important to send the right message for the future.  I own three SAC bags that I've had since 2004 and have had each one of them altered to by SAC at no charge to fit my new motorcycles.  I've also owned four pair of SAC grips that were installed in Myrtle Beach and Laconia.  It is the big companies like Harley that should look to small businesses like SAC as their role model putting service, character and quality ahead of profits.  SAC will always have my business and vote of confidence.  
Charles M., Sept 20, 2012 (Charleston, SC) 
Great Deal, Excellent Qulaity (SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package) - 5 Stars
Got my CoolSAC Deluxe Package last week and had an overnighter this weekend.  I had more than enough room for everything I needed and had additional room for anything else I could need or purchase on my trip. All of the easy access pockets are awesome and the build quality exceptional. I love how easy the mounting is and the way you can just pull them off and carry them to your room just like regular luggage. Been stuffing stuff in my saddlebags for to long. This is the best purchase I have made for my Roadking yet. Nice SAC!!!
- Tkat1, Sept 16, 2012
Perfection (SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe Package) - 5 Stars
Absolutely the best bags on the market, perfect fit, well built and customer service you can only get from a product made in the USA. Price that can't be beat, you have a customer for life! Couldn't wait to use them so I packed up and hit the road the night they came in.
- Ken, Sept 14, 2012
YES!!!  Most Comfortable Grips - 5 Stars 
After suffering from my two fingers numbing up, I was recommended to SAC by a guy I met in Sturgis this year who had braided SAC grips.  He told me that SAC grips are the first aftermarket purchase he makes with every bike.  I removed my Kuryakyn grips after having SAC send me a pair of Black and Black braided grips.  No more numbing, they look great on my bike and they're made in this country...  You've got a customer for life! 
- Brad D., Sept. 10, 2012 (Fargo, ND)        
Forget That Tour-Pack
I was talking to a friend who has a Street Glide about getting the Tour Pack from Harley and he recommended the SAC. He said ‘forget that tour pack’ and that the you guys had the best product out there, bar none. So just wanted to give you a heads up about a very satisfied customer. He surely got my attention.
- Chris P., Sept 7, 2012
Best Grips Ever (Star n' Stripes) - 5 Stars 
This is my third set of stars n stripes, 2 on my bikes this new set for a friend/customer,..have had about 5 - 10 sets of your braided grips....sold on several bikes, real good quality , most comfortable grips I've ever owned, and great looking...thank you.
- Joe W., Sept 4, 2012
Cool SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
This is a very well made product.  The material is very strong and all the stitching was tight. The mounting system was unique and the best on the market.  It will fit almost any size sissy bar. Inside was roomy and with both bags having rain covers was a bonus.  With the cargo net it's versatility is unmatched.  This is an American made product the way it should be made: THE VERY BEST.
- Dennis C., Aug 28, 2012
Outstanding Value (Half SAC Deluxe) - 5 Stars
I recently purchased the Half Sac Deluxe for my 2012 Sportster and could not be more pleased. The capacity, the construction are excellent, and the unique design to snugly fit any size sissy bar or backrest is ingenious. It mounts very securely and comes with a concealed fully attached rain cover. I researched and compared several different manufactures, and I am convinced that with the Half Sac Delux I definitely got the most value for my money.
- John F. Aug 25, 2012
Great Company (Loyalty Rewards)                                                                                                                 There's not too many companies that I've come across that deliver an exceptional product and the service to back it up.  After many years of service which included a free pocket alteration, I decided to retire my old SAC motorcycle travel bag and upgrade to the new SAC Deluxe.  I was happy then and I'm happy now.  The rain cover is a terrific feature and the beafier SAC sits perfectly on my Road King.  Awesome luggage and a company I'm proud to recommend.   
-Tom R., Aug 23, 2012 (Cincinnati, OH) 
RAC SAC - 4 Stars
Great looking product.  Large and roomy.  Although the Velcro is large and strong and placed to fit different tour pac racks slightly longer strips might be better.  Convenient storage for rain cover and quick access to itens placed in lid storage.  This product far exceeds in size and price of much smaller units sold by HD dealers and has a lifetime warranty.  I would recomend it to all.
- Paul, Aug, 20, 2012
Great Product (Cool Sac Liner / 5 Stars)
It does the job for day trips...  Keeps beer and water cold!!
- Jerrylee, Aug, 20, 2012
Best Value (SAC & COOL SAC PACKAGE DELUXE) - 5 Stars
Came time to purchase luggage for an upcoming trip.  Looked at a couple brands at my local dealership.  Without a doubt, your SAC luggage offers the most space, has the best attachment and is the most heavy duty.  Now the best part... $100 less than the smaller Harley brand that has no way of stacking the bags (no clips, no cargo net).  With your lifetime guarantee and domestic service, the choice was easy.  Good luck and see you in Reno.  
- Buck (Bay Area Biker), Aug 16, 2012  
Buffalo Grips (5 Stars)
I'm really happy with the quality of the carved Blue Buffalo Grips you sent me last week.  SAC Grips have become the first aftermarket purchase when I pick up a new bike.  This is the 5th pair of SAC grips that I've purchased and I've always been impressed by their Made in USA quality & personal service.  Highly recommend especially for anyone who suffers from hand cramping. 
- Bruce (Seattle, WA), Aug 10, 2012  
High Marks From The U.K.
I had purchased my first SAC at the European HOG Rally in St. Tropez back in 1997.  It worked fantastic and for the price SAC is the best on the market.  Since then, I've seen a couple knockoffs but mind you, not less costly and not the quality of SAC.  When I lost a clip, they sent me one for free from a satellite shop (EuroSac) they had outside Paris.  That shop is no longer there so I recently ordered a SAC & Cool SAC Deluxe on-line.  Like other US sites I have encountered, their authorization system doesn't recognize foriegn addresses so my transaction was declined.  I received an e-mail explaining this, apologizing for any inconvenience and offering to discount my shipping charge $20.  This was very kind especially since I had done nothing to warrant this.  I then confirmed my order via e-mail.  The SAC & Cool SAC then arrived the following week in time for a great trip I took to Germany!  I highly recommend SAC to European riders and wish SAC continued success. 
- Piers (United Kingdom), Aug 6, 2012
Thank You
Thanks for repairing my SAC bag.   I received it yesterday and it looks like new.  I also posted a message at HDForums recommending SAC to anyone in the market for bike luggage. 
- Chad (Jefferson, NC), Aug 4, 2012
Totally Satisfied 
I recently purchased a SAC & Cool SAC Pkg after looking at gear on-line and at my local Harley dealer.  I couldn't be more pleased with my choice.  For the money, design and the lifetime warranty you cannot beat SAC.  As they advertise, the pocket fit was so much more secure on my medium sized backrest than using stretchy elastic.  SAC's clips are bigger and I've heard that the smaller clips on the Harley model were breaking.  The Harley bags were also smaller in size, $100 more in money and only carry a two year warranty.  The SAC bags are more solid and clearly are going to stand up better over time.  I had a Cool SAC for ten years that I sold with my Sporty that was way before SAC upgraded with their deluxe luggage.  I will be recommending SAC to all the bikers in my chapter.  Thanks again from one satisifed customer.  
- David (South Carolina), July 30, 2012    
5 Stars
I like the girth of these grips. Padded with quality leather covers really makes riding comfortable. Easy installation, even a caveman can do it.
- Mickey D., July 26, 2012
Truly A Can-Do Company
Thanks for building me a new outer shell for my Ultra Touring Bag which has been a part of my touring for the past twleve years.   Like I was saying, I have had no complaints with SAC luggage and it's appalling that any US company, especially one that claims to be an American icon, would turn their back on the awesome service and quality that you guys provide.  You'll always have my business.       
- Burt (Lacey, WA), July 22, 2012
Great Grips (5 Stars)
I've purchase product from yous before and I am very content with what you've to offer,  With a little care the products will last a long time. This new grips will serve me good for a long time. Thank you for your product.Illinois rider.  
- Illinois Rider, July 19, 2012
Satisfied Grip Customer
Just like to say I was real happy on the speed of shipping and the quality of the grips. Theses are the third set I have bought. My wife and I will not have a bike without them. Our hands never get tired. Rode to California and back from South Carolina did 600 miles aday with out a problem.
- Ken E. (South Carolina), July 16, 2012
Australian Review
Received my Half SAC today.  Thank you very much for the great service.  I will be sure to let my freinds and colleagues know about your quality product.  Cheers!
- Steve (ACT, Australia), July 10, 2012
Great Quality - Eagle Head Grips (4 Stars) 
Great product over all I've been running SAC grips on my bikes for like 6 years still great condition only complaint on recent order was eagle heads were opposite from right to left had to fix it myself no big deal.
-Ruffin, July 5, 2012
Pain-Free & Stylish (5 Stars)
I can't tell you how happy I am to be riding my motorcycle without hand cramping.  I love my SAC Braided Grips and they go great with the look of my bike.  My metal grips are in the trash and I can't believe I put up with them. 
Great service and really a life-saver when it comes to enjoying my motorcycle in my 50's. 
-Brad (Stuart, FL), July 3, 2012
Speedy Service!
Thank you for sending out my Deluxe SAC & Cool SAC Package in time for the holiday weekend.  The fact that you ship out of Canada is a fantastic service and I will let my friends know.  Your luggage is the best value and best design on the market.  Your service takes it over the top.  Thanks again.
- Marc B. (Calgary), June 29, 2012
Deuce Rac Sac: Great Bag For Travelling Or Just Riding Around Town (5 Stars)
The quality of this bag far exceeds my expectations.  Very roomy and sturdy.  Hope to have it for many years to come.  Would highly recommend this product.
- Max R., June 27, 2012
Two Cutomers For Life!
I am writing to share my continued great experience with SAC products and service...
Several weeks ago I shipped my SAC back for repair in preparation for a cross-country trip with my husband starting June 23rd.  I had not received the my repaired bag and gave a call on the 21rst to verify status.  Bill confirmed it was complete but could not guarantee delivery via UPS for me to have it in time for my trip.  Without hesitation, he verified my location and made plans to bring it to me!  This blew me away!!  I now have my 12 year old bag cheerfully hand-delivered for my trip, and it looks like new!
Thank you SAC!  You truly do practice great customer service and have great products!
Everywhere we travel, riders see the bags and inquire about them vs. using a Tour Pak.  Once they see the versatility and hear our expereince with toughwearing, repair and lifetime warranty, they are sold!  Thnaks again, you  have two customers for life!
-Karen (Rochester), June 23, 2012 
SAC Deluxe (5 Stars)
First, I want to say that the product was shipped fast. Thanks! My first reaction when I opened the package was, #$%& this thing is huge. Not sure if I could fit it in the back of my SUV let alone on my bike. But I decided to through a couple things in it and go for a ride. The results? You will never take this bag from me. It recently held 3 complete changes of clothes for my wife and I. Two pairs of shoes. Toiletries. Along with an item the size of an average shoe box. And we could have put a little more in if needed. It sat on the luggage rack of my 03 Fatboy like it was made for the bike. The attachment system and rain cover worked great. Zippers are rugged. The rigid construction held its shape. We got caught in a serious storm (were talking biblical, flash flood coming down sideways kinda storm) and while we rode it out in the bar the bag stayed on the bike. Everything stayed dry except were I did not fit the rain cover properly. I wrapped it around the rack in error. My only thought to improve the bag would be a self storing shoulder strap. The bag held so much it was tough to carry around one handed for long periods of time (our hotel room was a long walk from the bike). I searched a long time for luggage and in my opinion you will not find any better and at a great price.
- Chris, June 22, 2012
5 Stars Product & Service from U.K. Customer
We have had SACS over 10 years travelling with Harley Davidson motorcycles all over the world. We are very satisfied with this product.  Everything stays dry and the attachment is the best for security.  I placed an order on-line and received my new Ultra Sac the following week!  We are used to waiting months for parts over here in the U.K. and thank you for your excellent service.  
- Brian S. (United Kingdom) June 18, 2012
Eagle War Club Grips With Cruise Control (5 Stars)
I've used these grips on three different bikes and have always liked them.  Work great when you can't get factory cruise.   
- RIP, June 14, 2012
The Real Deal (5 Star Company)
I've been a repeat customer of SAC for over 17 years before they were approached by Harley.  I've seen father and son on the road many times and have had my sacs refitted a couple times for different bikes.  All at no charge.  It is a shame that Harley lost sight of who and what is important.  I've seen their new luggage and it looks like the same Wal-Mart stuff you see everywhere.  From someone who rides 30,000 annually, there is no better designed luggage than SAC and I'm proud to support a family business with the best service I've ever encountered.  
- James G. (Ohio) May 29, 2012   
Product Review: SAC & Cool SAC Package Deluxe (5 Stars)
The pockets are perfect for the way I pack. I really like this rig.
- Anonymous, May 23, 2012
Bad ass add on (5 Stars)
I picked this gator kick stand up at bike week and put it on the next day it looks cool with my real hornback gator seat and was easy to install thanks cool addition to my bike.
- MDM, May 22, 2012
Exemplary Service
Thank you for re-fitting my old SAC to fit my new Road Glide (at no charge).  Received it yesterday and it fits like a glove.  When it comes to motorcycle luggage, I always heard that SAC offered the best service in addition to offering the best touring luggage.  Now I know why.   
- Trey R. (Colorado) May 20, 2012
Super Comfortable (5 Stars)
Messed up the order when I sent it,  Called and things were taken care of right away, Have had four set of these grips and are super comfortable,  Especially for all day.
- Michael M. (Tennessee) May 15, 2012
Over 100,000 Miles!
Met Pete and Dad in the early 90's at Daytona.  SAC has over 100,000 miles on it.  I also have your cruise control that has at least 40,000 miles and it works great and takes the pain out of our long rides.   Thank you for your continued support of your products.  
- Michael A. (Miami, FL) May 11, 2012
Thank You (Most Comfortable Grips On The Planet Testimonial)
I have owned many pairs of SAC Grips over the past ten years and they are the only grips that I will ever put on my motorcycles.  At the ripe old age of seventy, it is fair to say that I would not be riding today without my SAC grips due to hand and wrist pain.  SAC grips take hand pain out of the equation and let me focus on riding.  I always add a SAC throttle jockey to give my hands even more of a rest.  If you are feeling any discomfort in your hands, believe me it's only going to get worse.  So take it from an old fart who has been around the block, scrap your stock grips and pick up a pair of SAC grips.  As advertised, they are the most comfortable grips on the planet and they are handmade in the U.S.A. 
- Bob T. (Nashville, TN) May 7, 2012       
The Best Motorcycle Luggage & Service  
I am the proud owner of many SAC travel bags having been a loyal customer for twenty years.  I recall talking to Pete Sr. one year down at Daytona about the lack of carrying capacity on my new Deuce.  He explained that he owned a Deuce and then he showed me a new bag that he was designing to fit it.  He handed it to me and said, "here, let us know what you think."  I ask him how much I owed him and he said "nothing, thanks for being a customer."  I have long since sold my Deuce but I will never forget that.  That's the kind of people you're dealing with and they're the best.  Family business at its best.    
- Charlie R. (Miami, FL) May 5, 2012
Great Business Model
You have a great business model, i.e., focused on the customer...  You have a customer for life and will be more than happy to tell anybody who wants to listen about the very positive experience I've had with your products and service. 
- Doug D. (New Jersey) May 4, 2012
Met & Exceeded Expectations (5 Stars)
I have taken 2 trips so far with the Deluxe SAC Combo and it fit perfect on my Ultra Classic like a glove and held a ton of gear.  Thank you very much for an awesome product. 
- Hugh (Mechanicsville) May 1, 2012
Custom Carved Grips (5 Stars)
These are the seocnd pair of grips I have purchased.  I really like these grips!  They feel larger than most other market grips which translates into a more comfortable ride. 
- Blane B. May 1, 2012
The Best Service (Right Here In The USA)
Thank you for altering my Half Sac to fit my 2010 Road Glide Custom at no charge.  Try getting that level of service from China.  How unfortunate that a company like Harley-Davidson who waives the flag no longer respects the value of American suppliers and their commitment after the sale.  Look forward to many more years doing business with SAC.   
- Craig V. (Waterbury, CT) April 28, 2012
Clearly The Best Bags On The Planet (5 Stars)
Just received my new SAC Pack and after using and at times abusing, my first SAC bought back in 1999, I knew that when it was time for an upgrade there was only one place to go. The intelligent design and superior quality, combined with a cost that is really surprising (I would have gladly paid another $50-$100 bucks for what you get) and a TRUE Lifetime Guarantee make it all worth while.  The customer service people are over the top with helpfulness and every call I've made has been a pleasant conversation and experience. I only wish they made more stuff!   Here's my guarantee. . . by any other bag and you'll be sorry.
- Bob D. April 23, 2012
SAC in France
Thank you.  I just received the bag today so it was rather quick and the SAC is really great.
- Philippe (Grenoble) FRANCE April 20, 2012 
5 Star Grips 
I purchased these grips because I was getting vibration in my right hand while riding, since fitting these grips which are a very high quality product, I have had no more problems with vibration. I highly recommend these grips for their construction, comfort and quality. I am really pleased I got these and not Iso Grips. They look great and compliment the bike really well.                                
 - Sean April 19, 2012
I needed to write and let your staff know that I have never received better service when it comes to placing an order on-line.  Last Tuesday, I placed a custom to color grip order (platinum and red) for my Road King.  Although I live close to Buffalo in Syracuse, I figured a couple weeks for the grips to be made and delivered to my home.  Well, I got them in the mail the next day!!!  Your make-to-order service is not only rare but it's exceptional.               - Tom S. (Syracuse) April 12, 2012  
Bar None The Best
Hello, I have to say your bags are great, but your customer service is outstanding. I received my replacement clips and it was an easy fix. Thank you for them. It is great to see a company that stands by its products. I've been riding for over thirty years and had all kinds and manufacturers of different bags and luggage. Yours is bar none the best no nonsense quality bag I've owned. Thanks again.
- Mike (New York) April 5, 2012    
Satisfied French Customer
I just received the package today. I want to thank you for the success of the transaction. The bags as I wanted.       - Robert (Elne) FRANCE April 2, 2012
The Right Choice!
I purchased a Deluxe SAC & Cool SAC today from my local Harley-Davidson dealership.  You should know that the parts department spoke very highly of your company.  I learned about what Harley did and went to your website.  Nice letter.  I am ordering a set of Eagle Ying Yang grips.  It is the small businesses who continue to put Americans to work and to produce fine products who deserve to waive the flag.  Keep up the exceptional work.  
- Troy (Florida) Mar 28, 2012 
Best Touring Bags Ever! (5 Stars)
We've had our large Ultra SAC for 8 years and they've totally held up. We've sent them both in for repair which was covered by the warranty. We bought both the ultra and the barrel SACs which are both water proof. They were expensive but well with it. They've kept our stuff nice and dry. Thank you.
- Carl & Marsha (Kansas) Mar 23, 2012
Dealer Back On Board!
It was a no-brainer bringing SAC luggage back into our dealership after Harley dropped them as a supplier and went overseas.  We've sold the SAC line for the past eighteen years which includes when they first started making grips about twelve years ago.  Their fair pricing and service cannot be beat on top of the fact that they make to order whatever we need up there in Buffalo.  I hope to see more dealerships find their way back to SAC.  It's important to give our customers a better choice. 
- Parts Mgr (Florida) March 2, 2012     
Unbelievable Service!
I ordered a set of Custom Color Braided SAC Grips on Wednesday and they arrived at my home in PA by Friday.  I've owned several pairs of SAC grips for my bikes over the years and they are as advertised "the most comfortable grips on the planet."  You can add "service" to the top of the list.  Awesome family owned business in Upstate NY.
- Brian W. Feb 22, 2012
The Best.
I have had this set for 6 years love them.  Getting new handle bars and it's time to change grips out for a new pair of SAC grips.  Thanks for a great grips.
- Chuck Feb 16, 2012
Exceptional Products.  Exceptional Company.
Believe me when I say that it matters to us bikers that SAC manufactures bags and grips in Buffalo, that you guys stand behind your product like no other company I've come across and that when I call your company I speak to the same people who are making your products.  I stopped by the SAC factory last summer en route to Maine.  My buddy had a pair of Skull Carved Grips put on his Road King right there in the parking lot.  I recently purchased a Deluxe Half SAC for my wife for Christmas.  Love all the additions you've made to the bag for only $10 more than what I paid 12 years ago!  In this farmed-out overseas, gutless corporate age, it's good to know that there are still family businesses out there doing things the right way.  Loyal SAC customer for life.    
- Gary T. Jan 6, 2012   
Great for light storage.  Excellent (5 Stars)
I bought the Deuce Rac SAC in 03 and have used it exclusively on my 03 Deuce. I would highly recoment it for anyone wanting to keep it light and it will hold a small laptop.
- Ken Dec 26, 2011
Definitely lives up to the claim...
I purchased my SAC Braided Grips at the DelMarVa bike week in Ocean City, MD. this past September. They are as advertised the most comfotable grips I have used and I have been riding for 40 years.
- Mike (Harrisburg, PA) Dec 23, 2011 
The very best addition I have ever made to my Deuce. Excellent (5 Stars)
Just checking on your web site today to see what is new when I thought I would tell you what I think of your products. I purchased the Deluxe Half Sac along with some of your other gear before my trip to Milwaukee in 2003. It remains on the Deuce rain or shine with every ride. It has worked perfectly, even when I have overloaded it. Thank you for such great products.
- Daryl B. (Montana) Dec 8, 2011 
First let me say that I own several SAC motorcycle luggage bags dating back to the mid-1990's when I first stumbled upon your booth at Daytona.  I purchased a SAC and Cool SAC, Leg SAC and then later a Leather Ultra Half SAC with the Harley by SAC logo.  You all converted my backrest pockets at no charge when I sold my Dyna and purchased my Road King.  Your company's service is the best I have ever come across.  Needless to say, I was disappointed to learn that Harley dropped SAC as their luggage supplier and went directly overseas.  Their corporate, "short sighted" "short term" solution for the bottom line.  Keep fighting the fight up there in Buffalo!  Your luggage and service will still resonate with bikers who appreciate quality made here.  I just received my custom carved Eagle Grips that you all changed the feather color to match my bike (at no extra charge).  I will continue to spread the good word about your company down here in Southern Florida.  
- Doc S. Nov 23, 2011 
I would like to take the time to thank your company and personnel. Kind, Courteous, Helpful, and fast service. What more can anyone ask for? I purchased a Half SAC a short time ago as a gift and my Father, who was
impressed with the one I own. Due to, what I later realized, was my error in measuring on my part I received the wrong size SAC. A phone call was made and met with polite and understanding person who helped me with my issue and sent a replacement immediately. He has gotten many comments on such a great
and functional bag for his Harley and feels compelled to let everyone know how to order one. Again, thanks for a great product and Great Personnel.
- Larry R. Oct. 19, 2011

Just a note to let you guys know how happy I am with the new braided grips I purchased at the Delmarva Bike Week stand you guys had set up at Perdue Stadium. The grips are, as you advertise, the most comfortable I have ever had and I would recommend to anyone especially those who do a lot of long range riding.
- Mike N.  Sept 23, 2011
What an awesome company. I wish every company was this easy to deal with. The SAC arrived yesterday and looks like brand new. Thank you very much. 
- Steve H. Aug 19, 2011

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